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Soap Recycling Project

Basisa Foundation’s social and environmental mission is achieved through collaborating with the hotel industry.  We collect, sort, sanitize and recycle used soaps into new soap bars from hotels nationwide.  The recycled soap bars are then packaged into hygiene kits which comprise of essentials for improving hygiene.  These hygiene kits are distributed to impoverished communities and schools nationwide.  The aim of this project is to educate and promote basic hygiene, which includes handwashing with soap.   

When distributing the hygiene kits, we incorporate it with WASH education program, which stands for Water Sanitation Hygiene.


WASH is an acronym that stands for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.  According the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); global access to safe water, adequate sanitation, and proper hygiene education can reduce illness and death from disease, leading to improved health, poverty reduction, and socio-economic development.

Access to safe and clean drinking water is critical because it impacts many aspects of our daily lives.  We educate about the importance, uses and preservation of water; waterborne diseases.
Good Sanitation can prevent many diseases i.e., waterborne (cholera, typhoid, hepatitis A or E) etc.  We educate about the critical importance of sanitation.
Providing knowledge and awareness of good hygiene practices and their critical function in reducing the spread of disease.  We educate on the critical importance of basic, hand and oral hygiene.
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Awareness campaigns are generally one of the most renowned practical and efficient methods to stimulate public interest and educate individuals, organisations and communities about an organisation’s mission.

Basisa Foundation targets individuals, organisations and communities it believes are in need of these issues or cause.  The world at large is fractured and individuals, organisations and communities face or experience different types of pressures daily, which are sometimes dire to their daily living, health and existence.  Therefore, we aspire to implement these campaigns in order to increase knowledge, understanding and awareness. 

Awareness campaigns play a vital role in communities.  We aim for our campaigns to attract a wide range of audiences and accomplish continuous positive lifelong shifts in actions, attitudes and behaviour.  Our awareness campaigns take place during existing national awareness months as well as standalone, as and when the need arises.  

Health Awareness Campaigns 
We raise awareness through education and promote overall health and quality of life
Environmental Awareness Campaigns
We make aware children and communities the importance of taking care and preserving the environment. We talk about the effects of waste to the environment, the climate change and global warming crisis and how we can play our part in this regard.